The C&B Luxury Events S.r.l. is specialized in the organization of excellence catering, banqueting, fittings and equipment rental services for exclusive events.
Born in Sardinia in the luxurious setting of “Costa Smeralda”, we serve our customers needs wherever they are from Porto Cervo to Cagliari, thus acquiring valuable experience over the years in Italy and abroad.
The C&B is an attentive and punctual agency, has an highly selected professional team, sensitive to customers needs.
Our staff accompanies customers in an unique dining experience, with a menu dedicated to the refinement, fine gourmet cuisine and typical themed surroundings.
The C&B offers a selection of high quality raw materials and foods, processed following modern trends and innovative design, to offer out flavours for selective eaters who can enjoy a culinary masterpiece.
Meeting our customers' needs starting from proposals of exclusive catering and banqueting is our mission. We'll take you inside a path of wide selection where the tasting of our proposals, designed solely for you, will be the key in choosing a researched and tailored menu that will guarantee an extraordinary flavour experience for you and your guests.
A highly qualified and prepared team will provide an excellent catering service and exclusive banqueting: refined mise an place with a sophisticated design, made with the aid of the best professionals available on the market, such as Floral and Event Designers, whom will create catchy settings that will be the backdrop to our creations, offering you a unique and pleasant Food Experience.
The C&B Luxury Events is Excellence in Creative Catering, Banqueting and also fittings and equipment rental.
A rental sector at the forefront, continuously updated, offers to our customers equipment and fittings of all kinds and sizes: tables, chairs, tableclothes, plates, glasses, cutlery, will make your Buffet impeccable; also all the necessary for glamorous and classy fittings, parties, fashionable furnishings, kiosks, structures and marquees ideal for events in outdoor venues throughout the year. We invite you to view the rental sector into the web-site to find a wide range of solutions.
The C&B Luxury Events relies on a wide network of contacts: professional dining room staff, skilled computer and audio technicians, equipment and structures assembly specialists, ensuring a high level service. We provide our customers with transport service for the equipment rental in Sardinia, in Italy and abroad.
Flexibility, elasticity and reliability are the basic values of the company philosophy and services of C&B Luxury Events.

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